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Practice Areas

Our firm provides legal representation in the following areas:

Family Law

The Shand Law Firm, PLLC handles all aspects of family law cases, including divorces, legal separations, child custody and 3rd party custody actions. We also have experience with complex property division, business and professional practice valuations, domestic partnerships, parenting issues and spousal maintenance and child support matters. We bring the same professionalism to our clients' family matters, such as prenuptial agreements or marriage dissolutions that we bring to our business and financial representation.

Ms. Shand serves as an advocate and advisor for her clients to ensure that their interests are fairly represented when faced with family law issues. She is committed to providing quality representation and consultation spanning a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, relocation, modification, meretricious relationships, domestic partnerships and prenuptial agreements. Ms. Shand and her staff have seen a wide range of issues in family law cases including complex matters involving child abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues. Our attorneys represent clients in all aspect of litigation from filing initial documents to mediations to trials.

We understand the emotional highs and lows during this time in a client’s life and strive to provide representation with compassion and an understanding of the emotions involved. We recognize there are various methods to achieve the client’s goals during this process and are prepared to utilize the method during all aspects of the case from filing initial documents to finalization that best suits the client’s desire, including collaboration, mediation and litigation.

Probate & Trust Administration

Has a loved one close to you passed away? Has someone named you in a will as a Personal Representative? Ms. Shand has extensive experience handling probate and after death matters, including estates faced with complex tax issues or beneficiary disagreements. She will help you administer the estate after a person dies, whether or not they had a will, including handling complex estate administration, disclaimers, tax planning and any necessary litigation involved in collecting the assets and distributing them.

The burden of legal and financial concerns can make the loss of a loved one even more painful. Managing and protecting the assets of an estate, determining the validity of and paying creditor’s claims, resolving disputes among beneficiaries and proper after-death tax planning can be complicated and stressful for the personal representative of the estate. We can help simplify the process during this emotional time.

Wills, Estates & Trusts

Do you have an estate plan that includes a Last Will & Testament, a Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive? 75% of the population does not have a will which may leave their loved ones without guidance to administer their assets upon their death. Wills are a very individual document and should display the individual client’s desires and wishes. It should reflect the individual client’s personality and ideas. Ms. Shand works closely with each of her clients to identify their unique estate planning goals and evaluate their estate planning options. She strives to ensure the client’s estate planning goals are met in the most economic fashion without the need to update or redraft the documents, at additional costs, with every change in the client’s life. From simple wills to complex estate planning, she has the expertise to provide you with a customized estate plan, employing estate planning tools that best fit your individual needs. She will walk you through the estate planning process and assist you in implementing that plan in your life.

In addition to wills, Ms. Shand has experience in using other estate planning tools, such as living trusts and charitable trusts. She will walk you through the process of designating a power of attorney and health care directive to ensure your assets and health matters are handled in the event of an emergency.

Will Contests & Disputes

Do you feel your loved one’s estate is not being handled properly or fairly? Do you question the contents of your loved one’s will? Ms. Shand combines her advocacy skills with her specialized tax and administration knowledge of her estate planning and probate experience. This integration of her litigation and planning administration experience gives her the ability to analyze and address every aspect of trust and estate litigation.


Is your loved one unable to care for themselves or being taken advantage of? Ms. Shand has experience in both initiating and administering guardianship estates for both elderly individuals, as well as children with disabilities that reach the age of majority while still needing care and oversight to ensure their well-being.

Tax Disputes

Ms. Shand holds sophisticated skills in both personal and business taxation, assisting clients through planning to reduce tax liabilities as well as taxation dispute resolution. She holds advanced degrees in taxation including LL.M from the University of Washington and has experience handling IRS tax disputes, both individual and business disputes, IRS tax appeals, and local state tax disputes. She has successfully reduced clients overall tax liability by working with the IRS to recognize the personal aspects and circumstances faced by her clients during their lives.

Business & Corporations

Running a business may be rewarding, risky, challenging and at times frustrating. The proper choice of entity, its correct formation and its ongoing qualification are issues all business owners face. Ms. Shand is experienced in assisting businesses of all types and sizes. She is dedicated to providing cost-effective legal counsel that is responsive and practical. She assists clients with all aspects of business planning, including:

• Entity Formation
• Shareholder Agreements, Compensation Arrangements, Licenses, Distribution and Supply Agreements, Agreements for the Purchase or Sale of Businesses & other kinds of Business Contracts
• Business Acquisition & Sale Agreements
• Reorganizations/Mergers
• Tax Planning
• Employment Contracts; Personnel Policies
• Non-Profit Corporation Formation & IRS Certification

In addition to assisting you in business planning, Ms. Shand has experience preparing and reviewing contracts for a wide variety of matters, including construction contracts, real estate transactions, the purchase or sale of a business, partnership agreements, and employment and severance agreements. She is experienced and prepared to assist you in all aspects of your business.


Ms. Shand has experience handling a wide range of adoptions, including private party and step parent adoptions. Although adoptions are a wonderful time in a family’s life, the process can be technical and confusing. Ms. Shand enjoys walking a client through the process to reach the joyous end result of the rebirth of their family.